Circulation Unit

This is the first point of contact with users; it is likened to reception area in hotels. This is where questions such as who, what, when, where could be answered. This section of the library is involved in carrying out responsibilities such as registration of users, charging and discharging of loan records as well as overseeing bibliographical services to users.

Reserve Section /Special collection

Books, student’s project work, corporate and government documents that are in heavy demand with limited copies or recommended by lecturers are carefully reserved here. This is to ensure that all readers have equal access and guiding against act of monopoly, these books are expected to be returned promptly. Books here cannot be taken out of the library and the shelf areas are highly restricted to readers’ access, in other words, books are given to readers on request.

Reference/Serials Section

This is where reference and Serials materials such as encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus newspapers, magazines etc. are consulted. The library is making concerted effort to improve on current journals. Current journals are displayed alongside other, old, local and international journals. They are arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves. Old issues are kept in this unit for retrospective use.

Technical Section

This is an area that deals with Selection, acquisition, processing and other activities that bothered on information material handling and administration.

E- Library Section

This unit of the library provides registered users with internet facilities and information from online databases such as EBSCOhost, Hinari etc.